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Single-dose male birth control will be available by 2017. Will it change dating forever or is it just…nuts? Host Chuck Ludwig pops the hard (and soft) questions to our panel of comedians. Related posts: Twincest Homeless Alone Butt Shaming Playboy: Is Less More?

Homeless Alone

A 90-year-old veteran was arrested in Florida for feeding the homeless. Is this an asshole move? Or a legit public safety issue…and an asshole move? Our panel of comedians dish out some thoughts. Related posts: Twincest Con-Bro-Ception Butt Shaming Too Dumb To Vote


Incest is gross but what about TWINcest? Our panel of comedians riffs on doing the nasty with your brother, your sister, and even yourself. Related posts: Con-Bro-Ception Homeless Alone Butt Shaming Too Dumb To Vote

Too Dumb To Vote

Mid-term voter turnout was abysmal. But would mandatory voting be better or just a case of too many idiots in the voting booth? Related posts: Twincest Butt Shaming Homeless Alone Con-Bro-Ception

Butt Shaming

Kim Kardashian’s greasy behind was all over the news recently. Butt why is it newsworthy? Our crack panel of comics debate if we’re simply getting the “kulture” we deserve. Related posts: Twincest Homeless Alone Con-Bro-Ception Too Dumb To Vote


Neel Nanda

Neel Nanda began his stand up comedy career in Atlanta and is now a comedian, writer and actor based in Los Angeles. Neel has been featured on IFC’s “Garfunkel and Oates Show” and has been featured at several comedy festivals including Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Laghing Skull Festival. He will also be performing stand […]

Jake Adams

Jake grew up a middle class technically Jewish boy in Cape Cod Massachusetts. When he graduated high school he moved out to California to attend the Professional Golfers Career College (which is a real thing) there he realized that working in an environment where pleated pants where considered cool was not as great as he […]

Chuck Ludwig

Chuck is a comedian originally from Brooklyn, New York. He has been performing comedy since 2010 and has toured across America and the world. Now based out of Los Angeles California, Chuck is the host of the monthly live panel show, Bad News. He is also the co-host and producer of Comedy Jackpot, ranked one of the Top […]

Marcella Arguello

Too lazy to shoot hoops and too tall to model, Marcella Arguello stands over 6 feet. Although she may be taller than most men, the only thing more intimidating than her height is her comedy. Marcella mixes a combination of genuine reason with a sexy suggestion of street. Deemed as “sexually and ethnically ambiguous” she […]

Joe Dosch

Joe Dosch is an outrageous gay comedian from South Dakota, the 49th Worst State in America. He now lives in Los Angeles where he can be seen regularly at the World Famous Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, and Ice House Comedy Club. Related posts: Teddy Tutson Neel Nanda Chuck Ludwig Laura Crawford


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