Bad News is a ½ hour late night political comedy talk-show. It presents a humorous take on current events through the lens of today’s hottest comedic talent. The show features witty commentary on the big issues with a raucous energy that you won’t find on The McLaughlin Group (sorry, John!). More entertaining than Crossfire and lighter than Real Time with Bill Maher, Bad News is the gateway drug into politics for Millennials seeking provocative content with the potential to change their world.


Our guest have diverse voices from across the political spectrum. The casting process identifies talent from film, television, and major comedy festivals, then thoughtfully weighs their dynamic against the overall balance of personalities, perspectives, and backgrounds.
Chris Redd
Marcella Arguello
Aida Rodriguez
Adam Yenser
Thomas Dale
Alex Hooper
Zainab Johnson
Darien Sills-Evans
Laurie Kilmartin
Candice Thompson
Josh Denny
Jade Catta-Pretta
Francisco Ramos
Quincy Jones
Tamer Kattan
Justin Martindale
Baron Vaughn
Helen Hong



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