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Olivia Grace was 15 years old when she stumbled into a comedy open mic for the first time. After hearing a few comedians go up and talk about the things they didn’t like about themselves, she thought, “This sounds like my kind of thing,” and was hooked on stand up comedy for life. 
Olivia began running around in the comedy open mic circuit in Orange County California her sophomore year of high school. After spending a little over a year trying to learn how to write jokes and not just complain about her parents on stage, she was able to perform at the Brea Improv for the first time at 17. 
Since then, Olivia has performed multiple times at the Improv’s in Ontario, Irvine, and Brea. She performs regularly at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and was recently featured on the Penthouse Comedy Show along side Hannibal Burress, Todd Glass and Chelsea Peretti. 
On her 18th birthday, Olivia had a birthday roast, where she discovered a new talent: roasting. Olivia began performing on a few local comedian’s roasts, and fell in love with it. She then got involved with the popular Roast Battle show at the Comedy Store. Within a few months, Olivia worked her way into the top 10 Roast Battlers.
Outside of stand up, Olivia also discovered a knack for cartooning and comic strip writing. It all began when she met a drunk cartoonist on a train, who’s idea it was to start putting her jokes into drawings. She started the comic strip, Victim Party in the spring of 2015. It was published as a zine with fellow comedian and cartoonist Lady Beaver in the fall of 2015. Olivia’s goal is to turn Victim Party comics into an online sketch series in the next year.
Currently, Olivia can be seen performing in comedy clubs, dive bars, bowling allies, and more strange venues all around the Los Angeles area. 

Follow Olivia on Twitter @LOLOliviaGrace.


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